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Inspired by the world, the charm of nature, and the endless wonders of the sky, Lei-Kol’s attention to detail and fascination with ultra-textured abstract art has made her into the artist she is today. Based out of Chandler, Arizona, and Oahu, Hawaii, she is constantly getting new ideas and inspriation from either the desert or the tropical rainforest. You can tell that a painting was made by Lei-Kol because of the emphasis on heavy texture as well as the organization of the vibrant colors she uses. Lei-Kol is also an avid believer and collector of various cryptocurrencies and believes in their future benefit for all of mankind.  Lei Kol Art was formed to be one of the first websites selling physical art and also accepting both credit card and cryptocurrency. 

Lei-Kol incorporates heavy texture and dimension to all her artwork. This makes her paintings not only aesthetically pleasing, but also something that one would want to touch and feel. She produces her works in her home-based art studio where all the magic [and mess!] happens.

Canvas after canvas, she continues to create amazing art that never cease to captivate those who have seen them in-person. To Lei-Kol, art is in the eye of the beholder. She says, “Any one of us can look at a piece and see or feel something different. For me, it is therapeutic. I enjoy experimenting with different colors and textures and I love the different responses people have to it.”

What started out as a hobby while taking a mental break from running 4 businesses turned out to be one of her most successful feats. Lei-Kol considers art intimate and personal and intended to be shared with close family, friends and art collectors. “I found that if my art resonates with a client it is often a life changing art experience. I want to be able to share these experiences with as many as possible.” 

Lei-Kol has lived and gotten inspiration from so many beautiful places. From Hawaii all the way to Chicago and she has even spent time in Atlanta, Dallas, Denver and Phoenix, Arizona. Having lived life in the city, along the beach, and up in the mountains, has allowed her to see and experience the best scenery. 

Lei-Kol is also an avid collector and investor in various cryptocurrencies. She sees vast potential for these relatively new forms of fiat currency to benefit the masses. She is proud to be able to accept these crypto coins as payment and believe this to be the future of financial transactions.

Be a proud owner of one of Lei-Kol’s paintings. Check out the gallery and be inspired!

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